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Commercial Loan Modifications

Commercial Loan Review, Inc. (CLR) is the leader in the commercial loan modification and discount note workout industry. Negotiating with your lender on your behalf, CLR can help you:

  • Reduce Principal and Interest payments
  • Extend the term of the note
  • Interest only payments for a period of time
  • Suspend payments for a period of time
  • Stop Foreclosures on distressed properties , Auctions, and Sheriff Sales
  • Facilitate Short Sales
  • Stipulated Foreclosures
  • Extend Balloons
  • Combinations of remedies / solutions mentioned above
Throughout our years in the industry, we have successfully renegotiated commercial notes with workout solutions which are mutually beneficial to both our clients and their lenders. Our expert negotiators have been able to obtain favorable, permanent changes in the terms and conditions of our clients' commercial loans. Our commercial loan modification program has helped our clients keep their properties, and be able to meet the cost of operations, and put their fears of future late payments and possible foreclosure to rest. We have successfully stopped sheriff sales, receiverships, and foreclosures. This has saved our clients thousands of dollars--and their properties.

Commercial Loan Workout

Many businesses are struggling to meet their obligations on their commercial real estate loans. The staggering number of defaults have influenced many commercial lenders to start renegotiating the terms of commercial notes. Our team of well-trained professionals specialize in commercial loan workout and deferment solutions. We are committed to our clients and their commercial loan workout needs. We have literally saved our commercial property owners from bank foreclosures and have helped them become cash flow positive.

Commercial Loan Review Services

Commercial Loan Review, Inc. (CLR) is dedicated toward helping our clients obtain the perfect loan workout solution customized to their needs. We deliver creative loan workouts which are case-specific. With CLR, you can be sure you are receiving a top tier service for commercial loan modifications. As a result of our success and confidence with our commercial loan workout program, we offer a full guarantee on our services. Our objective is to help clients receive the most favorable commercial loan modification possible.

Loan Restructuring On Commercial Properties

We are able to perform commercial loan restructuring on:

  • Hotels, Motels, and Resorts
  • Condominium and Apartment Buildings
  • Malls, Strip Centers, and Restaurants
  • Office Buildings and Complexes
  • Industrial, Storage, Warehouse and Manufacturing Facilities
  • Health Care Facilities
  • Mobile Home Parks
  • Land Development
  • And Much More!

How to Get a Commercial Loan Workout

The first step toward receiving help with your existing commercial mortgage is to contact Commercial Loan Review (CLR). Contact CLR at:


You can also choose to fill out the no obligation, free consultation form on the right. Within 12 hours of submission, one of our highly skilled, knowledgeable, friendly and caring account managers will be in touch with you. They will listen to your particular situation, discuss your specific goals for you and your property, review your case for evaluation, and notify you whether or not your case has been approved for our commercial loan workout program.



CLR Informational Packet

If You Have ANY Of The Following Issues On Your Commercial Property, WE CAN HELP!

  • Having Trouble Making The Monthly Payment On Your Property?
  • Behind On Payments For Your Property?
  • Have You Received A Notice Of Default?
  • Are You In Court With Foreclosure Proceedings?
  • Has Your Lender Been Granted A Judgment Of Foreclosure?
  • Is Your Property About To Go Into Receivership?
  • Has An Auction/Sheriff Sale Date Been Set?

Above all, don't become paralyzed into "inactivity" (this is the most common property owner condition) because of the stresses you are under.



Commercial Loan Review

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